Terms and Conditions

RaiseBigger is a Lottery Club as defined by the State of Michigan and allowed under the terms and conditions of the McCauley-Traxler-Law-Bowman-McNeely Lottery Act (Act 239 of 1972).

Lottery Club Eligibility
RaiseBigger is available for anyone 18 years of age or older, with a legal home address and valid e-mail address. An approved registration depends on the timeliness and accuracy of the information as submitted by the registrant.

RaiseBigger will process all approved applications. Each new registrant’s application will be integrated until the Lottery Club is “full” as defined by the Lottery Club target size. Upon registration, supporters will receive a welcome letter explaining the program. The supporters will receive 10 Michigan Powerball ticket numbers weekly (on Fridays) for every month they are registered. Participants can cancel their subscription at any time. Subscription cancellation will discontinue all future Michigan Powerball ticket numbers. Should any participating charity discontinue the promotion, each registrant will receive their monthly ticket number allocation for 52 weeks.

Lottery Club Maximum Size: 200
RaiseBigger reserves the right to alter the future Lottery Club target size at its sole discretion. No current Lottery Clubs will be impacted. Any changes would not impact any active Lottery Club but would be applicable to future Lottery Clubs. Lottery Club size will be reviewed annually.

Each Lottery Club will consist of a maximum of 200 members. Once Lottery Club #1 is full, then Lottery Club #2 will remain open until it reaches 200 members. The process will repeat itself.

Weekly Michigan Powerball Ticket Numbers:
Supporters will purchase a $120.00  annual subscription via our website.
Each supporter will receive 10 Michigan Powerball ticket numbers the Friday after their registration. Deadline for registration is midnight on Wednesday.

Supporters have the right to unsubscribe at any time and will lose the right to any Powerball Ticket drawings/winnings after the unsubscribe date.

Winning numbers will be posted at the RaiseBigger website.

Prize Payouts:
All shares of any winning ticket of $50,000 or more will be paid to our Lottery Club winners. All winning Michigan Powerball ticket numbers of less than $50,000 will be donated to the registered charity of choice of RaiseBigger.

Should your Lottery Club have a single winning ticket (i.e., no other winners nationally) each member would win one two hundredth (1/200th) of the Lottery payout (assuming the Lottery Club size is “full” at 200). Smaller Lottery Club sizes would create a greater share percentage.

Grand Prize (5 white balls and Powerball): Minimum $20,000,000

2nd Prize (5 white balls and no Powerball): $1,000,000

3rd Prize (4 of 5 white balls and no Powerball): $50,000

4th Prize: $100

5th Prize: $7

6th Prize: $1

4th, 5th, and 6th  prizes  to be donated to the charity of RaiseBigger’s choice.

It must be clearly understood that the Michigan Powerball Ticket Lottery is multi-state in scope, and thus any one of our “winning Michigan Powerball ticket numbers” can be subject to “shares” as defined by the official number of winning Michigan Powerball ticket numbers (per Michigan Powerball Lottery Commissions rules). There may be more than one winning ticket nationwide.

Any future official changes to the above payouts by the Michigan Lottery Commission may cause changes to the above declared Lottery prize amounts.

Any future changes to these terms and conditions will be communicated on this website

Winners Identification/Collections Process
In the event of a winning jackpot, all pool members will be notified and contacted by a recognized U.S. based Certified Public Accounting firm and issued specific instructions on how to claim their share of the winnings.

In the event of a Jackpot win, all registered supporters in the winning pool will be required to present valid identification to verify name, age, email address and legal home address (must match registration information) to an identified United States licensed and recognized Certified Public Accounting firm.

Program Duration
Each participant will receive 52 weeks for every $120 donation they make. This is an ongoing promotion and can be discontinued by the participating charity’s discretion. Supporters have the opportunity to have multiple subscriptions.

Additional Considerations
Any member who plays for another member, or whose profile does not exactly match that which appears on their official identification, will be automatically disqualified, and forfeit any winnings. Anyone suspected of a rule violation, or access via hacking the website/program, will not participate in any winnings and will be permanently banned from this website.
The death of any supporters officially ends the eligibility of that person (and thus disqualifies any legal trusts/family/interests/wills etc.) In the case of a death of a participant, their share will go to the selected charity.

All supporters are responsible to adhering to their own Local, State and Federal laws, or the laws within their respective country.

All monetary references displayed on this site are “estimates only” and refer to gross proceeds before deducting for any State, Federal and/or Local taxes, as well as costs associated with the distribution of winnings.

By registering for this program, each supporter approves the release of the registration information (i.e., name, legal address, e-mail address and phone number) to the participating charity. This data may be used for future marketing campaigns at the sole discretion of the participating charity(s) and their administrative partners of this program.