About RaiseBigger.

RaiseBigger is a Michigan based LLC operating under the rules and regulations of the Michigan Lottery Commission. Our vision is to support every charity in need of increased fund-raising.

We desire to accomplish this mission with the win-win-win philosophy described below. We also want to provide all participants a fun and exciting program. Just wait until we get our first win… Imagine that!

RaiseBigger's goal is to provide a win-win-win for all parties involved.

How RaiseBigger is a win-win-win for all parties.

The Charity Wins

The donation received is $54.00. In addition, they now have a direct communication pipeline to all the supporters who chose to support this charity. This allows the charity to communicate events and upcoming programs to their identified supporters on a weekly basis. An example may be an upcoming charity golf event which their followers may be interested in attending.

The Business Supporter Wins

The Charity’s Business Supporter wins because they can offer this exciting program to all of their clients and support a worthy cause. In addition, they also can share their best weekly deals/discounts to their loyal customer base. It will be very likely that their customers will tell their friends and families about this “Lottery Club” program and even more money will be raised!

The Donor Wins

The Donator wins because they have contributed to a worthy cause, and they receive 520 Michigan Powerball ticket numbers over the course of 52 weeks! Additionally, they learn of the Charity’s ongoing updates and events along with current special offers from the Charity Business Supporter.

We welcome you to join the fun and support your favorite charity

We recognized the challenge that so many charities and business faced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many businesses were negatively impacted and fundraising in the traditional methods came to a standstill. We recognized the need to “think outside of the box” in order to provide a surefire way to allow charities to raise funds without the person-to-person touch that was used in previous fund-raising efforts (e.g., golf events, 50/50 raffles, silent and live auctions to name a few). These former methods became impossible to attempt due to crowd control and social distancing. By creating this “digital fund-raising and marketing” application, RaiseBigger believes these programs will explode with support as social media channels discover this opportunity. Want to recommend your favorite charity? Click the link below.

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