The fundraising platform on a mission for real-world change.

RaiseBigger is a dual function fundraising platform designed to increase your charity’s revenue and give your supporters weekly chances to win the powerball lottery.

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How it works

Getting started with RaiseBigger couldn't be easier.

Our goal is to keep the process of setting up your charity, donating, and tracking as simple, fun, and transparent as possible. That's why we've boiled things down to three easy steps:

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Browse participating charities or refer your own!

Begin by browsing participating charities or referring your preferred charity to our platform.

Select Charity

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Make a donation to support the charity and the cause.

Once you've found the charity that best aligns with you – simply register to place your donation.

Select Charity

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Receive 520 tickets throughout the year for every $120 donation.

For every $120 donation, you'll become part of a 200 person lottery club and receive 520 lottery tickets over the course of a single year.

Select Charity

Make a change now for an opportunity to win later.

Our vision is to support every charity in need of increased fund-raising. We desire to accomplish this mission with the win-win-win philosophy described below. We also want to provide all participants a fun and exciting program. Just wait until we get our first win… Imagine that!
Get Tickets

The fundraising platform that (actually) works.

Concierge Customer Care

RaiseBigger offers 24/7 white glove customer care and expert advice. We want to walk with you on this journey.

Simple Setup

Our goal is to empower you with the tools to use our platform on your own. Onboard and train in just one day.

Seamless Experience

Every week, donors can view all of their ticket numbers directly in their RaiseBigger account.

Social Reach

Leverage our platform to expand your footprint, cut down on the technological costs associated with funding.


Build your community around the lottery club and increase overall engagement and communication.

Win-Win Philosophy

Our vision is to support every charity in need of increased fundraising. Our win-win philosophy drives donations & opportunity.

Frequently asked questions to help you understand who we are and how we function.

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Per the rules of the Michigan Lottery Commission, it is a group of interested parties who sign up to “share” ticket numbers. We will have up to 200 members in each club.